Training generally consists of 2-4 hours per new user and depends on the users previous microscopy experience.  All are welcome, even if you have never used a microscope!

Training #1 can be accomplished with 1-4 people and consists of a demonstration of the microscope hardware and software, discussions of light paths, digital image acquisition, saturation, and features of the microscope.

Training #2 is one-on-one and usually is a brief refresher of training #1 followed by the new user on the microscope acquiring images of a facility-provided sample.  Advanced users can bring their own samples.

Training #3+ is one-on-one and is the time for the user to use the microscope for their samples.  The Trainer will be there to make suggestions/corrections and to be sure the Trainee is going to be able to acquire the data that she/he needs for the project.

Because all of our imaging microscopes run the same software, NIS-Elements, the training for one microscope is transferable to all of the other microscopes.


Advanced training

The Light Microscope Facility offers free advanced training sessions.  Be sure to be on the Facility Online Manager list to be alerted to these free offering as well as free “pilot data days.”