1. When you have questions about anything, ask Jim.
  2. Treat all equipment with respect.
  3. Do not rush when using the equipment as this leads to breakage/damage that you and your PI will be responsible for replacing.
  4. Use your allotted time and finish on time when someone is on after you.
  5. If you know you will not use your reservation, cancel it ASAP.
  6. Acknowledge use of UMass IALS LMF in all publications.  Please use some variant of:

    “The microscopy data was gathered in the Light Microscopy Facility and Nikon Center of Excellence at the Institute for Applied Life Sciences, UMass Amherst with support from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.”

  7. Adhere to the EH&S-approved live cell standard operating procedure when using live samples.
  8. No liquids on the microscope air table.
  9. You are responsible for your data – this means that you should arrange for moving it and backing it up.  We will do our best to back it up and preserve it, but it is ultimately the user’s responsibility.